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SMARTrac Content: What’s the difference between a GOAL, MILESTONE and TASK?

SMARTracs™ are a core feature that make ONTrac™ such a powerful tool. Using the principles of SMART goals – SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVEABLE, RELEVANT, TIME-BOUND - each SMARTrac is a unique blueprint that guides a user step-by-step to an ultimate end-goal. Following the SMART goal framework, each SMARTrac is designed to simplify a large goal into smaller chunks.

The GOAL, MILESTONE and TASK are the foundational building blocks of a SMARTrac. They are the essential components of creating a step-by-step action plan that is simple for clients to follow helping them achieve better outcomes. Here are a few brief descriptions of how each are used when building a SMARTrac:


This is the ultimate goal that the SMARTrac is helping a client or user achieve. “Write a Book," "Pay Off Your Debt,” or “Train for a Marathon.” A SMARTrac can only have one GOAL.


MILESTONES breakdown the GOAL into smaller chunks and are intended to give the user a sense of accomplishment along their journey. Ideally a SMARTrac will have more than one MILESTONE depending on how you design each step of the action plan. If we use the GOAL "Pay Off Your Debt," an example of a MILESTONE would be "Paying off your first credit card."


This is the individual assignment(s) or TASK(s) that must be complete to reach a MILESTONE. There can be one TASK or multiple TASKS under each MILESTONE. So if the MILESTONE is to pay off your first credit card, a required TASK is "make a payment this month." You can also include optional TASKS which means that it is a suggested assignment but not required for the user to complete before moving to the next TASK or MILESTONE.

Check out the video below for a brief demo on how to create a GOAL, MILSTONE and TASK in the SMARTrac Builder tool.

Need help? Email our Customer Care team at [email protected]. Our team is also available if you want to schedule a one-on-one meeting for live assistance in helping you create your SMARTrac.

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