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See It to Achieve It - How Visualization Can Help You Manifest Your Goals

Visualization is a powerful technique that people have used throughout history to manifest their life goals. It is the practice of creating a mental picture of something you want to accomplish. Think of it as directing a movie in your mind of what that moment of achievement looks, sounds and feels like. Who are the people around you? What emotions are you experiencing? Those vivid details make a goal feel real and increase our prospects of actually achieving the success we want in life.

The positive effects of visualization have been scientifically proven in studies and research and shown the potential our minds have in helping us reach desired outcomes.

Elite athletes, world leaders, and accomplished businesspeople all over the world have used visualization techniques to prepare them for big moments. Billie Jean King, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan all used it to help them reach the pinnacle of their professions. By making mental dress rehearsals a part of their training regiment, Olympic athletes build ‘mental muscle memory’ that gives them a psychological edge. Muhammad Ali used to do what he called the “future history” exercise – mentally rehearsing his fights over and over again going through each round all the way to the end when the referee raises his arm, declares him the champion, and the crowds roar in celebration.

Sara Blakely, Spanx founder and self-made billionaire, attributes visualization to her life success. In Jean Chatzky's book "The Difference," she says “I believe you can take mental snapshots of your future and what success looks like to you. If you mentally see yourself in a scenario, you'll start to make decisions in your life that get you there."

People who have made it a daily habit to visualize big moments or goals are able to unlock a powerful tool in creating the life they want.

Whether we know it or not, many of us already use visualization in our lives. If you ever sat and daydreamed, prayed, or meditated, you have engaged in some aspect of visualization. Even replaying a bad conversation or worrying about an exam are forms of visualization, but instead it creates negative energy that holds us back.

It takes practice to train your mind to focus on positive images that reinforce your goals. Below are a few actions you can take to start incorporating visualization as a daily habit.

  • Write down in explicit detail what you want to achieve almost as if you are writing a movie script. Describe the setting, your feelings and emotions, the sounds, and smells. Who is there celebrating with you? Are you popping open a bottle of champagne? Paint such a vivid picture that it seems real to you.

  • Create a vision board. Find images from magazines, newspapers or personal photographs that represent literally or symbolically the goal you seek to accomplish. If you want your business to earn one million dollars next year, write yourself a check for $1,000,000 and add it to your vision board (just make sure no one else tries to cash it 😊). Put the vision board somewhere that forces you to look at it everyday.

  • Visualization is a powerful practice to help start and end your day with a positive, affirming mindset. Find 5-10 minutes of quiet time either first thing in the morning or as part of your evening winddown routine. Close your eyes and start to play that movie script you wrote. Recreate that mental picture and project those feelings and emotions that you want to experience when you reach your goal.

As with any exercise habit, visualization only creates the desired effect by doing it consistently. Try to make it a regular practice and see what changes manifest in your self-confidence and ambition in your life.

Have a fantabulous week!

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