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5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals at Work

By Porschia Parker-Griffin

Founder Fly High Coaching

What has prevented you from achieving your goals in the past? Many things can derail you and get in the way of your plans. Many executives and professionals would say aspects such as not having the appropriate resources, not knowing how to reach their goals, and lack of support have prevented them from being successful in the workplace. How have you been affected by not achieving your goals? Perhaps in the career world you've not been recognized for excellent performance with a raise, been passed over for promotions, or failed to get your dream job.

To build success and achieve your goals, you need a support group you can rely on. Consider trusted colleagues, mentors, and career coaches to include in your inner circle. Once you have a support group, the next thing you need is a solid plan. Let's take a second to consider your strategy as we outline five steps to achieving your goals at work!

Understand what makes you unique

What are your strengths? How do others see you and your personality? What potential weaknesses may prevent you from collaborating well with your team, partners, and/or customers? Truly reflect on yourself and other feedback you’ve received to identify your uniqueness. If you are unsure where to start, take some personality assessments and surveys, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment (MBTI). Many professionals and executives fail in achieving their goals because they don’t utilize their strengths. It is a common misconception to believe that one individual can be great at everything. Understand your weaknesses and delegate those things if possible. The key is to focus on your strengths and points of distinction.

Look into the details

Once you have identified your unique qualities, evaluate the details of your strengths. Have you learned anything about yourself that can redefine your career plans and help you achieve your goals? Think about areas that have been difficult to manage in the past. How can you avoid these in future endeavors and projects? Who could help you with those assignments at work? Is it possible to request additional training from your manager?


When was the last time you set aside time to brainstorm about the future? What positions or roles do you want to attain? What types of assignments or projects light you up inside? Many people, never set aside time to think about these things, leading to stress and frustration at work. Without a clear picture of your career path, you can feel like you are never progressing or developing. Set aside some time in your schedule to identify your career plan, what job you want, and your compensation goals.

Make a Plan

Once you know your goal, it's time to consider the essential parts that will lead to attaining the results you want. The top factors to consider are the energy, time, and resources needed to succeed. Do you have the necessary resources, knowledge, and skills to achieve your goal? If your answer is no, create an action plan that will help you acquire what you need. Be sure to share your plan with your professional support group, to develop a system of accountability.

Put that plan into action

Now that the plan is on paper, it's time to implement and take action! For many people, taking the first step is the hardest part of executing a plan. How can you get started with just one thing at a time? Finding the motivation to complete the first step can help you gain momentum to keep going. If you stay consistent and take the right actions, you will be on the path towards accomplishment.

Actually achieving career goals can be very challenging for executives and professionals in the workplace. There are many variables within an organization that are beyond your control. Despite the best intentions, sometimes career plans don't come to fruition. It is important to focus on the areas where you can have an impact. Following through on the steps we shared, will help you make a customized plan you can follow and have the support needed to succeed. What is a meaningful thing you can do today to achieve your goals?

Porschia Parker-Griffin is a Certified Coach, Professional Resume Writer, and Founder of Fly High Coaching. She empowers ambitious professionals and motivated executives to add $10K on average to their salaries.

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