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ONTrac is an innovative, accountability tool and
only platform of its kind in the market. 

The ONTrac features are collectively designed to help you create actionable goals via step-by-step plans and provide tools for easier individual accountability and follow through.


From SMART Goals to SMARTracs

SMARTracs™ are a core feature that make ONTrac such a powerful tool. Using the principles of SMART goals – SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVEABLE, RELEVANT, TIME-BOUND - each SMARTrac is a unique blueprint that guides a user step-by-step to an ultimate end-goal. Following the SMART goal framework, each SMARTrac is designed to simplify a large goal into smaller chunks by breaking them down into milestones and tasks.

Once you register and sign-up for an ONTrac account, you can start creating SMARTracs using our online SMARTrac Builder tool.

SMARTrac Builder Tool

The SMARTrac Builder is ONTrac’s proprietary tool for creating a SMARTrac. It was designed to make the SMART goal creation experience simple and enjoyable for the accountability partner. The tool has intuitive copy, paste, and drag-and-drop features that make it easy to edit and replicate your content.


ONTrac App

Through the ONTrac app, each client can follow the SMART plan that you created and customized to his or her needs. Our app’s intuitive design, tracking and dashboards keep the user engaged and accountable ensuring a higher probability of reaching the desired end-result. In the app, an end user is able to explore the public and private SMARTrac Library and enroll in a SMARTrac. A user can also get a snapshot of their personal stats, reschedule a task, and mark tasks as complete.

The ONTrac app can be downloaded for free in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android users.


Calendar Integrations

Each SMARTrac task can be integrated into an end users iCalendar or Google Calendar. The optional, calendar integration feature makes it simple for the user to see scheduled tasks and get reminder notifications without needing to open or even download the ONTrac app.


Accountability Dashboard

The accountability dashboard is the web-based portal where partners access all of the ONTrac platform features. Through the dashboard, partners are able to do the following:

  • Initial sign-up and account registration

  • Create a business profile and add a profile photo

  • Make account upgrades as their business needs grow

  • Utilize the SMARTrac Builder tool and manage all of their SMARTracs

  • Enroll and monitor all of their active clients.


Automated Tracking - Coming Soon!

Our product roadmap includes added integration capabilities with a range of wearables and accounts to enable automated tracking of tasks and personal metrics such as exercise, steps, sleep, meals and more.

Scaling the Rocks

Get Started Today with a Free Account

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