Chief Technology Officer

OnTrac is a startup in the self-care, quantified self mobile app space.  Our mission is to help people live happier, more balanced lives by simplifying the process of achieving life goals.  We do that by helping our users set SMART goals, breaking larger goals into smaller pieces, and automating progress tracking for health, financial, and time management goals.  We are looking for a CTO to join our founding team as we look to scale the company toward product-market fit.  Our Minimal Viable Product is scheduled to launch this fall, and we are in early talks with a number of early stage VC firms and angel investors.  Here is what we are looking for in our future CTO:  

  • Experience with consumer mobile app product development

  • Experience growing & scaling tech teams ideally in a startup environment

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Ability to translate customer feedback into an improved product

  • In-depth knowledge of relevant technologies

  • Strong project management skills to deliver products on-time at or below budget while achieving product objectives

  • Strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and ability to implement efficient processes

  • Working understanding of other parts of running a business such as operations, accounting & finance, and marketing

  • Passion for the mission of the company

  • Willingness to get their hands dirty to take on whatever job needs to be done to accomplish the team goal

  • Likes to work hard and play hard

  • This position does not currently have a salary and is for equity only at this moment

  • Full-time commitment is not required at this time, but may be required once company gains traction

  • The ideal candidate will have such a strong belief in the company that they are willing to make an investment of the company although the size of the investment is less important

If you're interested, please submit your information for consideration below.  

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