Achieve greater success with your clients
and better equip them to reach their goals.

Whether you are a coach, mentor, educator or HR professional, keeping clients or customers focused and on track can be a challenge. ONTrac can help with that!

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Improve Engagement and Accountability

Studies have proven the effectiveness of setting SMART goals and also having an accountability partner as part of the process can significantly improve success rate.

Our  platform offers accountability partners and professionals the opportunity to differentiate their services and reach higher success rates with clients.

With ONTrac, partners can use the principles of SMART goals to create a SMARTrac – an action plan with measurable and time-based tasks and milestones. Use ONTrac to improve engagement and follow through and ultimately achieve better outcomes with clients.

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Simplify and Save Time

Many accountability partners and professionals are currently utilizing some blend of paper and pencil, spreadsheet, word processing document, and/or text messaging to monitor progress and keep clients on track.


With the ONTac platform, you can simplify this process and save time by

  • Creating SMART goal action plans that can be easily customized for clients,

  • Automating client follow up with our push notifications via our Calendar Integration feature and/or the ONTrac app,

  • Viewing progress quickly and easily in our Accountability Partner Dashboard, and

  • Easily repurposing your content at scale with a large group of clients or users.

Monetization of Content - Coming Soon!

The future vision of ONTrac is to create a public marketplace for partners and subject matter experts to sell SMARTracs to a broader audience. This will provide the additional benefit of creating another revenue stream for your SMART goal content. Stay tuned!

Scaling the Rocks

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